The Doorway to Professional Learning Communities

Blogging is common and has been around for quite some time. As an avid reader of different blogs it now gives me a chance to share my views and reads with others. I was tasked with thoughtfully critiquing three sites and how they might serve as an ongoing resource.

The Testing Effect caught my attention by its topic. In this blog, the writer explained about the testing effect when dealing with studying and the retrieval of information. It was stated that the term “testing effect” implies formal exams. As stated in the blog, exams have hidden cost and may not be the best way to achieve their objectives because in reality there is a lot more to do with practice and application than the exam itself. After reading this post I thought about it and then read it again. What the writer is saying is indeed true, because as teachers we always teach a concept, then give many examples to apply it to real life and when the test or exam is given most or all questions are related to practice and or application.


The Art & Science of E-Learning

The Art of Science and E-Learning by Mike Taylor was an interesting site to peruse. From the beginning of the blog, a PowerPoint presentation was embedded and was very straightforward to understand with not too much to read. After reaching the end of the blog’s post I then saw the reason for the embedded presentation. What Mike wrote in the last paragraph of this post is very true, “No matter what medium you use to deliver content, if the visual design fails, the experience fails.” Going through his other post I enjoy reading and browsing because he is really catching my attention. This is one lesson I will definitely be taking along with me as a future instructional designer.


Breaking Creative Walls

Breaking Creative Walls had a different approach compared to the others that I visited previously. The writer, Christina More had a video embedded on the post. It allowed her listeners to hear her voice and follow along with the different graphics that were available. Since I am visual and enjoy pictures and videos I see myself having many videos and or pictures to assist in bringing the message or lesson across just like she did.


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